Emissions help please

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Sep 13, 2009
Franklin, TN
Sorry to ask another emissions question, but really could use some advice. 82 fj40 with 2F and Weber carb. When I bought it, pump was disconnected, but many vacum lines still here. Rebuilt head, carb and tune up, except fuel filter, PCV, and air filter, which should arrive soon. I tested it today and failed with HC of 261 (220 is limit) and CO of 0.000. I did not get much of a chance to run it up and down the road to really heat it up. I ran 92 octane fuel. I seem to be close to passing, any help? Thanks.
I failed the CO but passed HC. Stock '77 FJ40

Ran 2 tanks of Sea Foam, replaced spark plugs (properly gapped), plug wires, PCV valve, air filter, carb/air filter gasket, and fuel filter. Checked vacuum to make sure it was within spec. All of this brought my CO way below max level and the emissions passed with flying colors.

Finish your tune-up before you try again...
HC comes from misfiring and incomplete combustion. You didn't mention important details of the test, like whether it is failing at idle or high speed. You are close to passing and if the catalyst was working you would probably be OK, but the catalyst isn't going to work with the air pump not working. Hook up the air pump and try it again.
Air injection pump is HUGE for passing smog...
Thanks, everyone. It passed on idle, but not high idle, Psycho. The pump looks pretty rusty, but I will try to find all hoses and belts and reattach.

What did it mean, specifically that idle was fine, but 2500 rpm was over limit?

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