For Sale Emblems/Lenses/Ignition Switch FJ40

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Sep 2, 2008
Tulsa, OK
United States
These are all used lenses/emblems etc that I have pulled over the last year or so for my "refresh" I am not 100% on all the years they fit so bear with me. I am guessing prices - if they are out of line please let me know. I will happily combine shipping. Just don't insult me with offers that are ridiculous. Add $3.50 for shipping for each order regardless of how much you buy. All are used and none are in perfect condition. Most are missing tabs, have pitting etc. etc. Don't assume - please ask questions...






1. Front fender emblem (1970?) - 3 of 4 bolts still attached - SOLD
2. Front bib emblem (1970). This is in good condition, and by far the best out of everything I have listed. It isn't "perfect" so I removed it. All bolts are still in place and it has light pitting. - $20

3. Fron a 1974 front grill. Lazy painter painted it. -$10

4. Same as one but I think all bolts are broken - SOLD

5. Front fender emblem broken bolts (1974) - SOLD

6. Front fender emblem broken bolts. Looks good but bolts broken (1974) - SOLD

7. Front turn signal lens with chrome ring - SOLD

8. Front turn signal lens - SOLD

9. Front turn signal lens - SOLD

10. Ignition switch from 1974. Worked perfectly when removed. SOLD

11. Rear 1/4 panel lens - SOLD

12. Rear 1/4 panel lens - SOLD

13. Rear light lens (1974) - $SOLD

14. Rear light lens (1974) - SOLD

15. Rear light lens (1970) - $SOLD

16. Rear light lens (1970) - SOLD
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