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Apr 24, 2004
Taylorsville Utah
Hi all.
Ive been searching about using an electronic speed controller, My question is...
Is it possible to use the stock speedometer cable from the transfer case to the back of the dash and mount the electronic speed controller to the end behind the instruments?
So basically, Speedo gear - cable - summit racing electronic sender
Is this speed sensor that I have read about in other threads only good for Auto Meter or are they universal?
I am picking up a used stock 3 speed t-case speedo gear tonight.

Im sure I have forgotten something to add...
Jan 19, 2006
Los Gatos, Ca
I don't believe you can use the stock speedometer cable. The speed controller mates to a male screw thread at the transmission and the speedometer end of the speedometer cable is a female push on IIRC. Some company (BTB, Advance, Downey?) makes a short extension cable which might fit.

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