Electrical Problems - '78 BJ40

May 20, 2003
I think ive got big problems with my Bj40. Yesterday i took the instrument cluster out to paint around it. Today put it back on, put the wires on and went to start my car. It wouldnt start, it was as if the battery didnt quite have enough power. I tried to jump start it. For a whille every time i went to start it the power would just cut out, then come back on in a minute. Then do the same thing. Now i have no power at all!!!

Could i have connected the 2 wires on the 'amp' guage the wrong way around? Would this have screwed something up? I have no idea where to start or what to do :( Please help!

Mar 30, 2003
Annen, the Netherlands
Ryan, connecting the wires of the ammeter the other way around could not cause the problem; the ammeter will work in the opposite direction as you are used to, but that is all. You probably have some shortcut that drains the power from your battery. There's another thread about this called "battery going dead". Sorry, don't know how to put a link to that thread here ...

May 17, 2003
It sounds to me that you have a week ground. Im not too good at electronics, but the way the power goes on and off like that sounds like a grounding problem. My frinds truck did the same thing, we were working on it and went to go start it and it would start. turns out we knocked soem wires apart. we put them back together and started right up.

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