electrical problem after rear view mirror disconnect (1 Viewer)

Nov 9, 2006
Huntington Beach, CA
On my 02 LC my rear view mirror fell of completely from the windshield right before leaving for a trip, so I thought I would just disconnect the entire unit and deal with it later. I ended up cutting the 4 wires that go into the mirror and that is where my problems started. As of now these are my symptoms:
ABS light on
VSC trac lights on (both of them)
Brake light on
SHIFTER is lock in Park, need to use override to engage in D
Power windows dont work
AUTO head lights dont work
Climate screen is grayed out (HVAC seems to work though)
Temperature on dash is absent and temp in NAV screen is absent

I checked all the fuses and they check good. :bang:

Does anyone have any idea???

PS I did search first.
Mar 3, 2004
Possibly fuse ECU-IG1, check all fuses under bonnet and both passenger and drivers side kick panel fuse boxes.
If all are good it's possible a fusible link may be blown at the main battery/alternator link box.
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