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Nov 19, 2003
Livermore, CA
I need help!

Looking for a full time Mechatronics/electrical/controls engineer who is in, or willing to relocate to Southern California.

I'm looking for someone who is committed to solving complex engineering problems. Someone who is interested in working in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. Someone who is hands on.

Ideally, I want someone who can work in matlab, visio, and solidworks. Someone who knows what a sumitomo connector is, and how to design a dc/dc converter. Then when they are done designing it, they feel comfortable building it.

Sure I'd love someone who has a MS in electrical engineering from stanford. I also know that someone who has designed, drawn out, and built the wiring harnesses on 30 of their friends trucks is more useful to the company. Once you learn more about the position, you may consider this the ultimate, most fun position in the automotive industry. This position specifically focuses on solving customers challenges on electric, defense, and racing vehicles.

If this sounds interesting to you, drop me a PM and I will give you more information.
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