electrical issues

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Apr 14, 2007
I have installed a 69 sbc 350 into a 68 fj40 I am having trouble I wired it as pinhead directed in an old post but ran into problems. The truck would turn over with the key just wasnt ready to start so i wired it then left it for 12 hours to get some sleep now when I came back the key no long turns over the starter and none of the wires on the ignition read hot with a test light. All fuses are good is there an inline I am missing the big white wire is on the postive battery lug on the starter the black yellow on the small lug closest to the passenger side. The black white is on the smallest log closest to the engine Any info helps thanks
It would not have " burned something up", but it would create and "open" in the electrical circuit and prevented things from working properly.
Well I fixed the ground strap and checked where I connected the white wire with the new Chevy wire and it all seemed good however I am still not getting a hot to the key. I did see an inline fuse holder behind the heater and found that the hot to my ampmeter is still hot. Any ideas?
The wite wire provides all the power to the truck, besides the starter. From the starter, it goes to the amp meter and from the amp meter to the ignition switch. Make sure that the amp meter isn't burned out and that it is wired correctly.
How would the ampmeter burn up and how.do I prevent it. I will try to replace it luckily I have an extra
How do you know it is bad? If it deflects left when you turn the headlights on, it is working. You can burn it out by having a short on the main power wire with no fusible link to protect the system.
I think its bad because power doesn't makes it way through it. It's live up to it then everything is dead past it I cannot even turn my headlights on and have no hot to my fuses
To temporarily test it: Remove the + battery terminal. Remove both wires off the amp meter. Use a small bolt and nut through the amp meter wire terminals to tie the two wires together. Tighten firmly! Wrap this with tape to prevent it from shorting to anything and see if you now have power and can start the truck. Replace the amp meter or not your choice.

I have fusible links available for your truck that are "bolt on". They attach to the big white wire going from the starter to the amp meter. See the wiring link below for details....

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