Electrical issue??

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Sep 24, 2014
North Tx
my 62 is driving fine when all of a sudden my brake light, battery light and ATF light come on. My battery gauge shows a lower voltage reading than normal, and my temp gauge is reading higher than normal. I have a dual battery setup and my posts regarding the AT are well known. No issues driving. AT is not hotter than usual. Engine is not hot. Truck is driving fine. Note: I did jump start my wife's ford using the cruiser two nights ago. Drove 180 miles just fine yesterday. Has to be an electrical issue, right??
I don't know the belt layout on this engine, but check the belt(s) first.

Next, do you have a way to check the alternator output? If not, many auto parts stores will check it/.

Next, check the fuseable links coming off the battery terminal. You may have blown it doing the jump.
Belt just broke. Thanks.
always good when a problem has such a simple solution!
Did it make any noise when the belt broke? Good thing it was just the belt right?
Alternator belt broke. Didn't make a sound. However, the broken belt caused the the drive belt to come off the fan pulley. Not good. Had it towed to a shop. Need to start carrying extra belts and tools for the job.

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