electrical issue: rain related?

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Jan 2, 2008
Several months back there was a fairly significant leak in the wife's '07 100; not a boatload of water, but enough running from under the dash on the driver's side to well drench my footwear.

No repeat on the leak, and I couldn't find the source. But we've had some pretty torrential downpours in the last few weeks, and some pretty weird behavior out of the usually dependable 100.

Wife picked me up for lunch at work, car worked fine through the midday downpour on the way to the restaurant, but when we got back in the car, it started going nuts. The lights indicated P and D simultaneously, showing that it was in both park and drive (it was in drive) and the traction control, vgsa, diff lock lights all came on. Then the doors started locking and unlocking over and over, probably because it's set up to lock once you start driving.

Took it to the dealer who diagnosed a bad switch that's supposed to relay to the rest of the electrical system whether we're in gear or parked. That unit was removed (at least that was my understanding of what they did and its function), and a new part ordered. Part is now at the dealer.

Another downpour, same exact symptoms -- except no door lock action. I'm deeply concerned that the electrical issues are significantly larger than the one switch, that it only concerned the door locks, and that this is going to go on for some time. Telephone call to service manager asking what all this has to do with the downpours has gone unanswered -- he said he'd get w/ the tech, but no response since then.

Any guesses, or is my not-so latent distrust/paranoia regarding dealerships the issue?
It would have had to happen pretty early at the original dealer. I bought it when the 200 series was announced, they drove it over from the nearest dealer that had what we wanted, I recollect somewhere in the neighborhood of 70-80 miles on odom. at the time.

But it makes sense.
test the leak, have someone with a low pressure hose "water" your windshield from the top down. The symptoms you have are related to what other people have had when their windows leaked and the water has gotten on the electronics.
Is there a particular location of the windshield that is prone to leaks when changing them? At the top, bottom, side?
I had corrosion in the P-2 horn relay which caused my horn to go off intermittantly. The tech coated it with heavy duty grease and i replaced my windshield. haven't had a problem now in a few years(knock on wood).

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