Electrical issue (blower motor)

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Feb 23, 2007
Boise, Idaho
Hello all, I just picked up my new (to me) FJ60 on Sunday and drove it 800 miles home. Now comes the work. My blower motor doesn't work and so I picked it to be my first project. I have determined that I have 12v at the switch but when I move the fan lever the voltage drops to 0v. I don't think the problem is with the relay because I switched it with one of the others. Any ideas? I'm thinking short, which will be a lot of fun to track down, but hopefully one of you may have an idea for me.

Thanks a bunch,

There is an easily accessable electrical connection on the outside of the blower motor. Check and see if you get switched power to this plug. By "switched" I mean, you get power when the fan switch is on, and no power when it's off.

If you get power to this connection, then the problem is the motor. This isn't uncommon. Probably it's just the brushes (commutator?) are worn. Cdan has new motors for less than a C-note. Some electrical shops can sell you brushes also, if you can solder them in place.

If you don't get power to the connection, then you have a problem in the wiring harness.
Thanks for the reply, but I should have mentioned that I did test for power at the motor and there is none. As you said, this must be something upstream from there. I'm starting to suspect a grounding problem. I'll keep searching.
If it only works on high, then it is a burned out speed resistor.
If it doesn't work at any speed, then it is not the speed resistor.

If it is a short, then the fuse will blow. It is more likely an open, which is easier to find than a short, IME.
Just for a double check did you put a little power straight to the blower motor to make sure it works?
I plan to run a direct fused line to the blower to see if it works, I just hadn't done that yet. Also, FJ40Jim you mentioned a fuse, I don't see a fuse for the blower listed in my fusebox. Is it inline or somewhere else?
I bet its the circuit breaker. You need to stick a wire/paper clip into it to reset it. It may have popped because the motor is stiff or bound up. A clean and lube, possibly new brushes, should get it going.
Well, my fuse panel doesn't have anything like what you're describing, just fuses. Could one of you try to help me find the breaker?
Well, I found it, thanks. It wasn't part of the fuse panel, it was located behind the fuse panel just dangling down. It was tripped though and a reset fixed it.

Thanks guys!


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