Electrical gremlin in steering column

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Mar 1, 2010
Western WA
I need some guidance from the electrical gurus here on MUD. Yesterday I started the cruiser to head to work and when I turned the engine over my turn signal indicators blinked faintly while the starter was engaged. My gauge showed a slight discharge while running but when I turned on the headlights it showed serious discharge. After I got it home I checked all of my alternator wiring and cleaned the battery terminals (they weren't bad) and proceeded to remove the steering wheel. I got that off and other than some dust, everything looked great. I took the connectors apart and cleaned them with contact cleaner and went looking for the reason my horn does not work, figuring that might be related. Well, I see no imfamous horn brush but the contact button, looks like half a set of points, was contacting but the ring it contacts needed some cleanup. While I had the wheel off and the turn signal switch off of the shaft I started the engine with the same result as before, blinking indicators and discgarge. I cleaned up the turn signal contacts (turn signals work fine by the way) and reassembled the components. I started it up and the gauge showed charge for a little while and then went back to discharge just like before.
Where to next? :bang:
Wow, nobody with an idea? Can it be my voltage regulator? I pulled it yesterday and will be replacing it today with a solid state one if my parts store has it. Buying a new horn relay while I'm at it.
U'll need to do some trouble shooting for this one! Just off the top of my head, I'm going to say that this problem looks like a possible short or near short condition in the lighting system. I'm assuming u r working with a stock 1977 FJ40. Pull a the light bulbs out and see what happens... Also, the hazard switch may be defective or dirty. The wiring of these things is not straight forward, but can be figured out. For example, the hazard switch can be unplugged.


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