Electric Tech Day 5/22

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Apr 16, 2006
Manassas Va
I know it's short notice but after some emails to Ed and Sebastien. We'd like to offer up an electrical tech day on the 22nd at my place. Part of it is modifying the wiring in a '78 steering column to work in a '71.

It has been mentioned that a fee would be charged to cover food and drinks. Not sure what this should be, Sebastien help me out here.

As far as a start time I'd leave that up to Ed since he is the the one that will be instructing us in the fine art of automotive wiring.

Anyone interested please send me a pm and I'll either send you directions or my address.

I'll be there!

This'll be my 3rd electrical tech day...hope it starts to sink in soon......I think I let too much smoke out of the wire last time and it damaged my brain.:p
Start time??? Jon is planning breakfast at Cracker Barrel @ 9:00. Does 10:00 - 10:30 give us enough time to eat and get there? Or should we just "play it by ear"??? Tom??? Jon??? Doesn't matter to me, I'll go with the flow.

Sam, I have your relays, we will get you wired too. Want to convoy out to Cracker Barrel?

Ed, if I brought my dual battery parts do you think you could help with that also? I think I know what needs to be done but could use a little confirmation in the process.

start time ???

I woild say if we meet at 9 for breakfast then 10:30 would be about right.
Revised tech day fees

....It has been mentioned that a fee would be charged to cover food and drinks. Not sure what this should be, Sebastien help me out here.

UPDATED: We will ask that everyone donate $10 ea. to cover the cost of pizza. We also ask that you have your local club membership dues paid ($25); however we do not require dues for non-member guests. We only ask that guests also pay for their pizza and drink.

Both payments can be made in person.
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I have to change my response to tentative. Wife and MinL are both sick I may have to do a daddy Saturday.
Hey Jon,

Hope everyone gets feeling better. If you do get a break and can make it I believe we can roll something out of the way and get you in and out. Hope I'm not speaking out of turn. Right now it looks like it's going to be 3 trucks being worked on if you show up.

John -

You should have stopped by...even the rain didn't slow us down.
I was going to stop by but I got distracted. I went out to Manassas to look at a FJ40 for sale at a friend of a friend's shop and wound up spending all the time that I had checking out his 40 x 80 shop with three lifts, fullsize paint booth, two rotisseries for spinning cars on, a media blast cabinet, two huge air compressors, several roll arounds (one of my old ones), a safety kleen parts cleaner (my old one) and about a dozen wicked muscle cars including three 67 Mustang Fastbacks and a Shelby Cobra...This is a backyard garage, the nicest one that I've ever seen. Did I mention that it was heated and air conditioned? Drool.

I've seen some cool workshops before, but nothing even close to this.
Four of us met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel before adjouring to Tom's shop for some electrical education and some productive soldering. Sam's headlight relays are in place and we can now see him coming down the road in the pouring rain wearing only a bikini top (on the truck).

Ed came well prepared with schematics, relays and all the pieces and parts to convert the turn signal circuit in Tom's '78 steering column to the turn signal/taillight configuration of his '71FJ40. He also got the 'relay fix' to his headlights so he is no longer left in the dark...well, when driving anyway.

Jon's trailer light circuit issues could not be fixed by Ed's magic relays, so it's off to the parts store for a common blackbox solution that I suspect contains relays of some sort.

Steve joined us in the afternoon after having solved his braking issues on his own and in his own driveway...Steve knows no fear.

The rain dampened our hair, or what is left of our hair, but not our spirits. Another great Saturday, thanks to Tom for the use of his place and to Ed for his expertise and willingness to share it with the rest of us. Looks like Tom, Steve, and Sam have their rigs ready for the Spring Mud Fling next weekend.

Hope to see more of you guys at the next Saturday get together.

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