electric fuel pump?

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Jan 17, 2012
Culver City, CA
Hey guys what’s the advantage of installing an electric fuel pump to a 85 fj60?
Not many vs the oem mechanical pump.

Not a ‘terrible’ idea to have both if your carbed 60 sits for long periods of time...to pump gas to the carb prior to turning the engine over.

Not many here will suggest having only an electric pump.
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Would it also mask a certain problem to the carb?
So better cold starts? Possibly?
But no advantage performance wise right?
Correct. And if your carb is in good order...no benefits at all...in my view.

That said, I’ve got both on my 40 but only the mechanical one on my 60.
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I questioned an EBay seller on why he has an electric fuel pump on a supposed new carb.
I’m sure it’s a rebuilt carb.
I was told I should know bettter!
I thought I missed something so I asked.
Thanks guys
IMHO, the mechanical pump is way, way more reliable than an electric one. Stay mechanical.
So I have a picture of the FJ60 carb with the electric fuel pump installed. This truck is on eBay and it states it has a new carb!
Well while looking at the picture closely I see this carb is missing a port in front and a port is plugged on the air filter. Would it be safe to say this is not a Ca compliant carb?
Could this be why it has an electric fuel pump?
Yes the truck is being sold in Ca and seller said it passed with flying colors!
I think maybe with one color and that is “green Benjamin’s”
I am sure you can still make them pass. But visually I don’t think it will pass for the next guy trying to sell it later or have it smog again in Ca.
What do you all think?
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