electric fan question

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Jun 11, 2008
Williamstown, NJ
well now since i have the motor(350) mounted where it should be the fan that was on it will not work, so i am looking to go to an electric fan.

any input as to which one i should look at??

or any input from those who have done the 350 swap??
try the search function on here i believe this has been covered .i have installed many v8s in cruisers and never had to use an electric fan.make suer the fan you get will pull through the radiator you are using .some fans wont move enough air through a stock 4 core .also the summit catalog will give you some good info on electric fans good luck
so what did you do to cure the problem???

i think i already have a short water pump.. fromt he block out it measures about 6 1/2" to the pulley..

use a smaller fan???
fj40taz, I fail to understand why a Chevy engine driven fan would not work on your conversion, what am I missing?. I am the Worlds greatest proponent of engine driven fans!!!
(a) An electric fan seldom has the horse power (what, maybe 1/3rd. h.p.) to create the gosh darn hurricane that must be created in the engine compartment to blow out the oven!!!!!
(b) It is 1,000 percent normal to have to lower the radiator, (1) to get the fan down in front of the radiator, and (2) to get your lower radiator hose lowered down below your big bad-ass engine driven fan blade.
jim sorry i forgot to mention i also just did the saganaw power steering conversion. i mounted the motor 19 1/2" fromt he front fame rail as your instructions said to, the 350 was in it when i bought the cruiser but it was all whacked out so i re did it.

then i completed the power steering conversion and had to modify the bottom of the radiator support like your instructions said to but now i do not have engough room between the radiator and motor.

do i need to find a shorter water pump?? i would prefer to have a fan driver by the motor vs an electric one.

maybe i mssed something.

i also moved the radiator forward but maybe i need to move it more. the fan now hits the bottom of the raditor by about a 1/2" or so...

all the parts i bought from you worked out very well...........
Can you post some picks of your problem? Is your fan using a spacer on the front, are you using a flex fan or one with a fan clutch?
Depending on accessories your running a short pump with no clutch will get you a little space, moving the radiator forward is a pretty easy affair as well. A big electric like the MKVIII is about 6-6.5" thick as well, so if you can't fit the mechanical a big electric may not fit either.
i there i am using a black magic fan and its about 1/2 inch from pump to fan motor. also kepts the motor around 185 idle will see on the street what it does soon
fj40 32.jpg
I put the Derale 17" fan High Output 17" RAD Fans in my factory shroud. it worked out pretty well. it can cool off the 2F in just a few minutes. I understand the reasoning behind keeping the engine driven fan, but the electric fans, if properly installed, can be just as effective. The picture shows how I modified the shroud to install the fan. In this picture you can't see that I recessed the steel plates about 1/2 inch down from the circular edge of the shroud. I am going to wait to see how it cools in the midwestern August swelter, I may install some 3/4" rubber hose between the fan and the shroud, just to fill the gap completely.

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