For Sale el cheapo drawer system - storage max - Menlo Park, CA - $100

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Nov 12, 2003
Truckee, CA
United States
This is a used drawer system. It is plastic. yes, plastic.
I've had it in my 80 series for 5 years or so. It worked pretty well. And the price is right!

Here is the description from a site that used to sell this (no longer made):

A storage system and universal organizer for full and mid size SUV vehicles which provide extra hidden storage space and organization in the vehicle's cargo area.

The StorageMax Series Features:

10 inches of organized hidden storage space
Slotted panel dividers for internal organization
Upholstered rigid load floor replaces existing vehicle cargo floor
Universal size fits all full- and mid-size SUV models.
12.5"H x 44"W x 38.5"D
Formed of high-impact plastic, composite material for durability
OEM finish
Easy installation - no drilling required

The StorageMax LX model incorporates a permanent rigid canopy with an upholstered load floor deck which mounts to the drawer track hardware above the storage area. This allows items to be top of the storage unit with drawer access to the storage compartments. The load floor panels are removable from the canopy top to allow access to the storage compartment from above as well as by pulling the drawer out.
el cheapo drawer system

PM sent
still here. Should have mentioned: cash and carry (sorry Paul... )

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