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Jun 1, 2005

I got one of Ehsan's first tops some years ago directly from him. I came home from a business trip this Christmas and found this...

So I'm looking for a new top. I would like one of the new canvas ones. I did a search on this site, and got an over whelming amount of information, but no contact information. Is someone distributing for him locally now, looked like there might be. Or can I get contact information to talk to him directly. I've lost all my old contact information, a few computer/hard disk deaths ago. I found a blog of his on-line, posted a request for him to get a hold of me, but I have not heard back.

I'm hoping I can straighten the bows, but the steel tubes that were holding the carport cover up, buckled and ripped through the top. The roll cage prevented any damage to the windshield frame and hood.

Any information on contacting him, or getting my hands on a new canvas top as soon as possible would be apreciated.

Gary Breitbach
'76 FJ40
Washougal, WA
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