EGR Valve replacment

Mar 28, 2003
Anyone around here replace an EGR Valve.

On One of my routine inspections I noticed that a line going into the EGR had fallen off. Upon closer inspection the tube was clogged with carbon build up and the post it slips over was corroded.

I don't have any engine warning lights or other obvious running problems. Mabey a little rough idle and slightly less than average fuel comsumption.

So can you test an EGR Valve or just replace it and hope it does something for you? It's about $115.00.



Apr 1, 2003
I had to replace mine but it was throwing a code. I had about 65,000 on mine when I did it. It was clogged with carbon and developed a hole in the diaphragm. Check with Cruiserdan on a price.

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