EGR Valve removal, bolt is STUCK!

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Jul 12, 2007
Norcal, not on fire but it was darn close.
(EDIT) NUT is stuck, not bolt

I used PB blaster, did not cut a wrench in half, managed to get my arm down there but its not turning at all! Apply heat with a torch or any advice? Iv got a pretty big dude pulling as hard as he can but no amount of force is removing it.

Hmm, its not stuck, was no 30 min job and had to take the bendable pipe off, left attached to EGR. I hate being new to wrenching.
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Right-size wrench (HF) cut in half. 2x4 on end of wrench. BFH and a healthy whack. Loose nut.
Remove the whole EGR assembly from the vehicle including the cooler. Then once it's off, remove the valve.
And when you put it back together, use plenty PLENTY of high-temp anti seize for the next guy.
well its the bendable hose nut.
we bent the hose down below the motor and are wrenching it.
i suggested propane bottle hear my friend said he is afraid to get fire near motors.

multiple doses of PB blaster...
When I did this recently, I managed to get both hose nuts off without too much trouble using a giant crescent wrench. The hard part was the union on the exhaust manifold that the hose nut screws onto. I finally got it free using a 3 foot long cheater pipe and a 5 pound hammer.
first, semantics: It's a pipe, not a hose. Now, if you have to keep your smog stuff intact, you are going to have a Hell of a time getting the pipe back in and the nut started square. As OS stated, the best way to do it is to remove everything in that EGR mess as a unit.

Your next thread will be where to get a replacement pipe and / or how to replace the studs on the exh manifold that are now probably broken.

Good luck.
nothing broken yet, this is where im at. we did not take the cooler off yet...

Hi, Use the torch, spray with water,heat -spray,repeat . It will break free. Mike
this is where im at

Like living life on the edge?
That 30 year old flex pipe that's been heated to 700° and cooled 5 million times has become brittle.
A 90° bend on that ancient flex pipe is just asking for a bucket full of hurt. .. if you want to keep it.
If the whole EGR assembly is removed from the vehicle, two pipe wrenches will show it whose boss.
All of it if you can't get the flex pipe off the cooler.

You need to get the valve out of the truck one way or another to get 2 big wrenches on it.

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