EGR tooling Q

Sep 13, 2003
Wichita, KS
Ok after some searching I was not able to find wat I was looking for.

What is the size of exhaust "B" nut on the EGR valve?

What is the Torx size for the studs?

I had also read somewhere on here about the mod valve. The one on mine is green and there was something about blue being better or the replacement? It doesn't function correctly and while I go through R&R of that I may as well clean up the EGR valve and replace the corroded studs.

Your help would be appreciated.

Aug 9, 2003
The torx studs are E7s, and an adjustable crescent that can open 1 and 3/8 inches will get the large EGR nut. Spray a bit of PB Blaster or similar on the nut a couple hours before you open it, or overnight if it's not going to be run. If you run it after spraying, it will sizzle off.


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