EGR pipe gasket leak

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Mar 16, 2003
Question for those who have "been there, done that!"...

I've located the source of an exhaust leak on my stock FJ60. The leak is at the gasket where the EGR pipe connects to the exhaust manifold underneath the rear insulator. It appears to be a royal PITA to access. What's the best way to approach a fix? From underneath or on top? What do I need to remove to allow better access? All ideas, tips, and tricks are appreciated!


Soak the 2 nuts with PB blaster for several days.........the large nut on the EGR cooler is impossible to get off in the truck, so you pull the EGR cooler off the side of the block, the bolts are hidden in the fins, 14mm. Take the 2 12m nuts off the bottom of the manifold, if they don't loosen easily after the soaking, think very hard about whether or not you want to proceed, cause if you twist one off, it's manifold removal time.....if they come off, then take the EGR coooler loose from the block, slide the pipe down off the studs, replace the gasket, start the two nuts, don't tighten unti lyou get the bolts started back on the EGR cooler, once they are started, tighten the nuts on the pipe, tighten the cooler bolts and you are done.

Good info...thanks alot! I tried removing the 36mm nut on the EGR cooler intake with a engine I had mounted on an engine stand. I agree with you assessment... would be virtually impossible to do it with the engine on the frame. I like the idea of just removing the EGR cooler to lower the pipe flange from the studs. Will let you know how it goes in a week or so!


I managed to get the large tube nut loosed while the cooler was still install. Kind of goofy and I had to make a custom wrench to do it. I made a stumpy handled crescent wrench and placed it on the nut (after soaking with penetrating oil). I then used a 2x2 and hammer to to pound on the handle to loosen the nut. Worked pretty good maybe I got lucky.

The leak mentioned caused me some serious heartache. I replaced all gaskets (manifold to manifold, manifold to head, pipe to manifold, etc) to fix a annoying exhaust leak. Didn't fix it. I had failed to notice the egr pipe gasket when I had everything else out. Oh well.

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