EGR and Oil leak issues

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May 8, 2008
I just got a 95 fjz 80 and got a fierce quote from a toyota dealership in Texas.
They've run it down that I need a
EGR modulator and valve.
A oil pump seal
rear main seal
power steering pump
oil pan re seal.
I'm pretty new to the fjz world and just wanted some advice on what needs to be done. Also I've got a fender flare that's detached and would appreciate any advice on getting that back on or replacing the flare.

The list of issues you have posted is pretty typical of these trucks. A significant percentage, if not the majority, of discussions here in 80-series Tech on 'Mud since I joined about 3 years ago have been on these topics. They are of varying degrees of urgency, based on severity and cost.

First, I would caution you that the dealers are definitely the most expensive option for repair and maintenance on your 80 and many seem not to be very experienced in its idiosyncrasies. Spend some time immersed in the FAQ here. Read Cristo Slee's Newbie's Guide to the 80 Series. Do some searching on your topics of interest here on this forum. Buy the Factory Service Manual and Wiring Diagram (separate publications). There is a toll-free number to order from Toyota which is posted all over the place here and which also can be found by digging around on Toyota's site. You need to become an educated consumer.

Learning to do some stuff yourself will be well worth it, but the curve is steep for some of us (like me). At least I can converse somewhat intelligently with my service guy. I am lucky in that regard, because Chris Cole of Cole's Imports is a very good, honest, mechanic who happens to be a cruiserhead, too. It would be worth your while to look around your area for someone like that. Join the TLCA and find a local chapter, if there is one. There are many resources out there.

For the time being, check your engine oil and power steering fluid every day you drive and keep them topped up.

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I second you on your advice about the dealership. I got a fierce quote from my local dealer. I've got some good advice about some mechanics in the area.
I've been told that my power steering pump has the most sever leak however its not that bad. I've also been advised to get my front hubs sealed. Does anyone have any advice on the level of difficulty on fixing an oil pan re seal? I got a quote of $500 for the power steering pump labor and parts? How does that sound?
Welcome to mud be careful going to the dealer and slow down keep and eye on the fuild levels and drive it. I was like you and wanted to fix everything oh its leaking oh this oh that but after a couple of months the leaks stopped no more power stearing leak or oil leak. Dry as a bone now. I did not do a thing to stop the leaks.

Though I blew a head gasket the other day engine died on the highway had to get it towed. Would not start first though I need to rebuild the motor but oh just follow the basics and do not over react. Come to find out no spark replaced the rotor and runs fine again.

Slow down and enjoy the cruiser my son has had a 96 for two years now and he only changes the oil and his funs fine like a clock.

Do your research get a FSM and troubleshoot first do not run to the dealer you'll go broke.
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