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Mar 20, 2007
I posted an account of my problems with a head replacement, (09-13-2007, LJ78 Performance Issues). The problem was far worse than I thought at the time. By the time I got it working correctly again, I had discovered :

1. an improperly installed timing belt,
2. the injectionpump timing moved from its factory setting, and
3. SIX burned injector tips. (in a four cylinder?)

It required two separate shops to find all this.

The cost to find, and fix all this was nearly equal to the cost of the head replacement. The original shop refused to take any responsiblity for any of this, even though it left their shop barely able move itself, and with heavy smoke.

I have now concluded a lawsuit and have filed a Writ of Enforcement against them.

If anyone would like my recommnedations on where to get service work done in Edmonton, PM me your phone number and I will tell you. It is pretty clear that some people know what they are doing and others do not.


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