Edic system fixed

Jun 23, 2006
Bradenton Fl
Got Lucky.I gave my friend Art King [electrical engineer and gear head],my edic control and my 3b manual to "test" it . He thought it was ok-Hmmm, So we tested the motor direct from the battery and it worked. If your edic will not shut off but will run and start [the symptoms I had],You might find ,as We did ,that the contacts in the pig tail connectors at the junction of the lead from the Edic control to the edic motor [The round one umder the hood with the O ring inside] are corroded. Actually I had one spade connector that was not shiny but was black?? We cleaned it up by scraping the black off and everything works now.I think I will leave the cable system in place just in case, heh heh. Maybe this info will help some one else.
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