EDIC immobilizer

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Sep 6, 2004
North West Ontario
FWIW you can wire a immobilizer into your edic with an alarm.

I am in the process of installing a full door lock system in my BJ60. It came also with a security system attached to it.

It has a feature for an ignition kill or starter kill. I decided on the EDIC as it was close to the other relay in the kit.

To use the immobilzer I had to also use a 30 amp relay. The door lock system controls the field ground. Then I also had to provide a field power from the fuse box that is on when the ignition is on, and off when it is off.

I choose the large black wire that enters the edic relay. Cut that and soldered it to the 30 amp relay.

Now when the doors are locked and you try to start it you get no fuel. Unless you open the doors with the remote.

As well the alarm used my door plungers to work the siren.

If your looking for the same kind of kit, I bought it at KMS car parts in BC. The kit was a CA4000 from AutoLoc.

So with that and my other unknown kills it helps to keep it in one place..., :)

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