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It does seem quiet with both C-Dan and Bewolf gone. It's a creepy silence.
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ya, i needed some part numbers too :-\
What parts do you need? :D
Kurt - LOL! :D Great pic!

You store all those parts in your living room or is your garage carpeted?

I keep parts in my house...

I had an M12k sitting in my family room for almost a week, until I was told by the head of household to go install it "NOW." I usually keep cases of M1 in my room, but I am currently out of stock. My spare oil filters are sitting on my headboard, and my front axle rebuild kit was on the kitchen counter for about a week before the rebuild. I have side marker lights on my desk, and wheel caps under my bed. The third row seats tend to be in my closet, but are now re-installed. My spare carrier was in my room for awhile, as was the spare.

What can I say? I love the truck so much I take some of it with me almost everywhere I go. When I am not at home or with the truck, I still have the key. That counts right? :D
That was living room. I took apart my xt350 in the living room. I had the front fender of the 60 in the basement painting them. I rebuild carbs on the kitchen table. I take apart the PS pump in bathroom, there are a lot of springs in a 60 PS pump. I got a receiver rack and a bin for transporting the parts:D
My wife just loves me ::)
Didn't realize both those mofos were on holiday. :'(

Cdan - tsk tsk tsk. No holidays for you chap. B is always on holiday though :flipoff2:

Dang - don't want to go to my local dealer to pay $1k for parts though. :'(

Don't anyone park their trucks near me or you'll be missing a few things. :D
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Stick with the LC parts, wouldn't want you to get kicked out of school for having other gendered "companions" in the room!

Huh? Girls aren't allowed in my room? ::) Oops!!! :D
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=4184;start=0#msg31307 date=1060524961]
perfect stainless prop. ;)
You always were about the mighty bling :flipoff2: :D

Got to call you tomorrow :eek: :'(
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=4184;start=0#msg31307 date=1060524961]
Heee'ssssss baaaack. ::)

You left? I had been wondering why the forum was so easy to access... ;)
>> Ain't it remarkable how we can all get a word in while -B- is on Vacation <<

Tgzeq aqzgh wxljvcl attccqe~~~ jcyahez. ???

(Hold on a minute and let me shake some of this sand out of the keyboard....)

shake... Shake... SHAKE

There that's better; back to 110 WPM again.

Damn sand gets in everything. :D


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