Edelbrock IAS Shocks


Sep 23, 2004
Well I finally got an email back from Edelbrock about my shocks. The shocks have been great but the other day I posted about my poor RTI ramp performance. Turns out the IAS shocks aren't as long as I had thought. Edelbrock lists the shocks to take up to a 3" lift, but they come up alittle short.

Front, #33999 - 14"/23"(585mm)
Rear, #34999 - 14"/24"(610mm)

I looked back at RavienTai's post and the Edelbrock shocks are the same length as Bilstien shocks that are listed for no lift. Well I still think the Edelbrock have been great shocks and by far are better than OME for ride on and off road. Yet if I want to pose better I might get longer shocks. :D


Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
those bilsteins are rated for 50mm lift in australia and raventai is finding they lift the truck in normal operation but I can see how overall length would affect ramp performance.

if you have full stats for these shocks would you mind posting it onto the koni/bilstein shock selection FAQ so all the shock length info is one place.

also do you have stinkbug? The 1" variance between front and rear lengths is a lot greater than on other shock options.
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