EC4RJ June 5-7 2009 at Rausch Creek

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John Smith

In the garage
Jun 7, 2004
The East Coast 4 Runner Jamboree will be held at Rausch Creek the weekend of June 5-7 this year. Camping will be on site at Rausch Creek. Plan to arrive on Thursday the 4th and wheel on the 5th and 6th and head home on Sunday the 7th.
For those who have never been to this event, it is a very informal event not limited to 4 Runners.

I will be there, anyone else planning on coming?
I'm planning to be there with Matt and maybe Ryan. Who knows, Lylia and Abby may also come.
4Runner jamboree

I'll be there, vacation time has already been approved. Plan to wheel friday and saturday. gary S
i'll be there thursday evening, so save me a spot.
I'll save you a nice sunny spot by the porta potty.
I plan to ride up on Thursday. Has anyone contacted Rausch about us coming up Thursday?
I plan to ride up on Thursday. Has anyone contacted Rausch about us coming up Thursday?

I spoke with Allen yesterday and he told me more than one person has left a message for Lynn to let her know we will be arriving on Thursday afternoon. I am expecting an open gate.
thanx Bob. your'e the best.
If I'd stop procrastinating and replace my rear axle seals........
Who wants to caravan from the Silver Spring area up the 270 / 15 route on Thursday to Rausch? I am aiming to leave between 12 and 1pm being the latest. I may be able to leave earlier but I never seem to get the truck all packed before Noon.
I'm hoping to leave between 10 and noon, taking 15 to H'burg if anyone is leaving earlier.
Johns plan sounds like my plan. Looks like we may be packing/hitting rain enroute. Any thoughts where/when to meet up?
Damn, I wish I could make this run. With all you old codgers up there, it's bound to be a "hoot"... as you say.

Have fun and take pics.
So how was it? any pics?
No wheeling pictures as it rained all day Friday and we took it easy on Saturday. The best shot I got all weekend was of this poor guy that had a catastrophic axle failure in the parking lot. The owner was happy it did not happen on the ride home.
Never seen anything like this before. Clean break at the axle tube and tore the caliper right off also.
You didn't get a pic of the H2 that never left the trailer all weekend?

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