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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
Recently put a nice size order into the vendor mentioned above. I did pawn my setup off Corbet and NLXTACY's, but the setup is just what i needed. This isnt super techie but I wanted to pass it on.

Mike at GenuineDealz.com was awesome to deal with, exchanged probably 15 emails before I placed my order. He charges $1 per end to do the labor for lug and heat shrink install. The work was beautiful and the order was ready in less then a week.

I got two sections of 10ga. which will power 12V outlets in the back, one section of 6ga. to power the Bluesea fuse block, and a 20ft section of 2ga to power the Xantrex 1000W. Breakers were used on the inverter and fuse block (push reset type)

I'll post pics later once I get to installing on this. I found a good spot to run the 2 ga on the outside of the truck so we'll see if it works out.

For anyone who needs wire, I highly suggest GenuineDealz.


Wits' End
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Dec 7, 2007
West Hills, CA
X2 on Genuine. I didn't have them do my ends because I wanted lengths to be exact. But they have really good quality stuff especially if you ask for the marine cable and connectors. Turn around was pretty kick ass.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!! :cheers:
May 3, 2006
South, The Deep
Nice to see them praised again - top notch vendor, got our cable and connectors from them for the dual battery set up a while back - keep meaning to order up the stuff to make some jumper cables to stock all the family vehicles w/

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