Easter expedition

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Jul 10, 2007
Olathe, Kansas
well I took the 60 on a little 10hr round trip back home to Iowa for easter with the family. I got what I thought was great gas mileage - 16.4 mpg :clap: cruised along at 65mph the whole way.

I noticed something funny with the clutch/tranny while on the trip that I am trying to figure out. I noticed the clutch hanging up/hesitating when I pushed in the pedal but only for a split second. It only seemed to do it after long hwy runs. then once I had ran through the gears a couple times it wasn't there anymore???

I first noticed it when I pulled off to get gas and then again the second time I stopped for gas.

anyone have any ideas?
i know i know it is screaming for a H55F. but it might be just getting hot and slipping.
no H55F for this sixty!

slipping-maybe, but it only happens right after pulling off the hyw and then disappears the more the cluth is worked. Slave?maybe?

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