For Sale East TN - 04 LC 100 - 80k miles

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
I have this 04 LC with 80k miles. It has a salvage title, was hit in the driver door which is the only panel that isn't factory vin. OME 2.5 with upper control arms from slee and basically brand new bfg At's.

Interior is basically perfect except for some wear on steering wheel and a spot on driver seat. The paint cleans up and needs a wash / wax.

I don't know what this thing is worth with a salvage title. Any advice?

If you can provide car fax history report to match the ODO then you should do ok. Plenty here want trail rigs so salvage title knocks down the premium price. Put it on eBay with a healthy reserve - the market will tell you what it’s worth.
If you have evidence (photos, receipts) of the reason for salvage I don't think it will impact value much for an educated buyer and moreso for anyone who knows these trucks. But you will get people using that to push your price, so prepare for that. If you're not in a hurry you'll get what you want, once you decide what that is ;)
Come up with a price?
Free? Needs a price.
Hey I’m over in WNC Asheville area and looking for a 100, if still for sale can you PM me and/or send additional pictures and let me know your ask?
Any word on this rig
Sad……I need this one

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