For Sale east texas 2007 landcruiser 2 half axles 153k

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May 22, 2020
I have these Half axles that I pulled from Our 2007 landcruiser Factory suspension and tires.
Boots are still sealed no leaking They were not making any noise when removed.
It is very possible with a boot kit and the fresh grease included in kit these could go another
153k or more. I have not opened to inspect. Because what a damn mess it is especially without a parts washer You will need the inboard tulip ,and balls, and cage, and star thing on spline obviously I dont know proper name for these parts , for complete Axle.
200.00 for both plus shipping.
photo is a picture of axles before I changed the parts TH original axle boot was leaking on the inboard side so you will receive axles with the silver band clamp
An NO INBOARD TULIP AND PARTS CONTAINED your 2 axles will look like the one with the yellow otiker clamp.
but it will not be that one. If this dosent make sense to you you should prob buy complete axles.
thank you


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