East Coast 4 Runner Jambo June 24th Rausch Creek

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nice Mickey's. ill definitely be there now. will show up thursday night.
I might come up there on Saturday. Ive been itching to get up there and run the greens and some of the blues. Not 100% though. Open to Cruisers?

Yup .
Hey, are any of you guys going to wheel sunday? I can not get up till friday night if I make it and want to wheel sat and at least 1/2 day on sunday.

Rob Matzell
Im thinking that I am going to head up there Saturday morning. Whats/ wheres the schedule?

There is no schedule. Show up, pay the park fee, go wheeling. I am guessing we won't head out before 9 AM. Look for all the Toyotas in the staging area.
I know they have a buddy rule up there so I was just checking to see if there was going to be a stage and then split up kind of thing.

Correct, You can't wheel alone. We stage the groups then head out to the trails.
I should've planned to come up. The gf and I just decided some camping would be fun tomorrow

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