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  1. LX470
Indian Harbour Beach, Florida 32903 United States
I have a 2000 LX470 I would like to sell. I prefer it to go to a Mud member, but I also have it on my local Craigslist. See the Craigslist posting for more pics. I'll only put up one here for the sake of Mud bandwidth.

Third Owner. For 5 years

Within last 2000 miles: installed new water pump and pulleys on the front; installed rebuilt starter; installed rebuilt power steering pump; flushed the AHC system.

I replaced front upholstery with two color leather (seat heaters still work) and replaced interior carpeting in first two rows; installed rebuilt brake calipers; replaced steering wheel. Factory stereo replaced with Kenwood double DIN headunit, amp with 5-channel Kenwood amp; OEM steps replaced with Cruisin' Off-Road step sliders. No leaks - oil trans fluid, etc. Replaced a bent motorized radio antenna with a fixed antenna made for the Tundra pickup.

The AHC system is fully functional. However, as a backup I have the front and rear springs from a Land Cruiser that had only 50k miles on the clock, figuring I would replace the suspension if/when the AHC died.

The exterior paint was aging and had somm scratches down the side. So, after some sanding I put on a couple of coats of Epoxy primer in white to exterior only (original color - Cashmere Metallic). Also shot on a coating of Raptor Liner (metallic gray color) to bumpers and lower body molding.

Due to various changes the truck has gone though over the years, there are no skid plates and the tires/wheels are from a Tundra take-off. The tires are Michelin LTX MS2 with probably 90% of tread life left.

The frame and other under carriage parts are showing some surface rust (not unusual for a 21 year old truck), so after I took the pic I sprayed on some LPS3 heavy duty rust inhibitor to control any spread. The metal piping that led to the rear A/C unit failed. I capped them off and just use the front unit - it works in manual and automatic mode. The engine starts easily and runs smoothly. You can see from the pic there are no warning lights on the dash.

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