Easier start, stronger throttle, less smoke....

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Jan 3, 2022
Dartmouth, NS
Hey Folks:

I've asked a few questions on other threads regarding hard starts, sedimenter functions, and fuel relay cut outs. Had great response and recommendations, so updating folks here so they know for future reference. I have an 85bj70 with 420,000kms. Was getting harder to start (lots of cranking and slow fire), lots of black exhaust, weak acceleration, and fuel relay rapid cut out under load.

These were the solutions:

- cleaned out sedimenter (had water and dirt in the bottom)
- put better hose clamps on sedimenter in and out ports (looked sketchy).
- install new copper grounds to engine and from batteries to body (earth grounds looked corroded INSIDE the eyelets).
- installed new fuel filter (had water and crud in it and I think it was leaking around the filter seal).
- replaced the little black hose and clamps on the fuel return line (it was definitely sucking air).
- added a little sea foam through the sedimenter.
- bled the system at the fuel filter port and at the injectors.

The results:
- easier to start.
- less exhaust/black smoke.
- better acceleration (so much better) and steady idle.
- feels less likely to bail-out at a stop light.

Thanks to all those that helped out over the past month or so.

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