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Mar 27, 2003
Land Cruiser Heritage Museum broom closet
If anyone tells you it's easier to get to the filter from below.......DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.....
Hey Dan, you lost something, and it wasn't the oil filter.
:eek:WOW! :eek:

Well now that you got it apart that far, you might as well check your brake pads. That way you can be more efficient, you know, two birds with one stone! ;)
-B- Did not, it's right here........... 8)
Turn off the compressor and step away from the truck. All that work and you still don't have the oil out of it!

After seeing that picture I think I understand why it cost so much to have the oil changed at the local lube shop. I had no idea I had been doing it wrong all these years! :G
Better get a skid plate for that thing.
Well, Bill has let the cat out of the bag. I have been working for some time on an extra capacity oil filter. I have however, been faced with some "fitment" issues.................Every time you spin it on, the front axle clearance cut ends up in a different place :dunno:
Sorry Dan. :tear: Here is the wrench as requested.
Much better, Thanks. I had a helluva time bear-hugging the durn thing :G.
Ok enough joking around. What the heck are you doing Dan? Was all that necessary? ???

Ya, what are you really doing?
Before Bill got a hold of it I was installing a front axle housing with electric diff lock........ :beer:
Before Bill got a hold of it I was installing a front axle housing with electric diff lock........ :beer:
Cool! Keep us posted. :D
Nothing to keep you posted about. It was an old pic I found and decided to have a bit of fun with it. The job was one I completed some time back and it functions as OEM original.
I see you went to KMart to get your impact wrench, I have the same one.
The neighbor gave me the same square metal tall box in the second pic. What are they from?
Kurt, The impact wrench did not come from Kmart. It is a cheapy one though. The square metal "can" is a wheat storage tin. They hold about 35 lbs of wheat. They are also used for rice and other grains. They are used for long term storage. We have some full ones packed in the 70's, and yes the wheat is still good, we use it all the time.
The wife grinds it and makes yummy bread with it. :beer:

I get the old cans to play with, oil drains, parts cleaners, etc..... 8)
I saw the black plastic band around the rear of the tool. Mine say Air Power with a T over U. I see it with several doifferent stickers on it at store. When I tried to remove the drive shaft flange bolts it did nothing. I went to Sears and got a bolt snaper impact wrench. 450 forword, 600 reverse at 90 lbs. Crank it up to 150 lbs and stand back. ' Don't do this at home, you might get hurt'.THe metal from the bolts and nuts were flying all over till they broke loose.

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