Early radiators

Apr 4, 2004
Johnatan makes a statement that these are much better Rads than the later ones


I had my 63 radiator checked and it was so heavy that I tought it was full of scale and sh*t. The Radiator Shop said it was in excellent shape, I told them that it was so much heavier thatn my 69 Radiator and the 78 fj55 radiator that I have, he said it just was made of more steal. My understanding is that they use brass and copper to get better cooling.

So is the older ones better? anyone know?

BTW he sure is liquidating. He offered that swb bed to me for $450 and got near $700 for it on ebay.

Thanks Myrle
Feb 17, 2005
Socorro, NM
I had a '65 radiator in my '77 for a while (original rad has rotted out, had the '65 laying around, so why not?). It sure was heavy! Lots of extra metal in that thing, it seems like it would be very durable and easy to field-repair.

It cooled OK but not great, It looked very clean inside but I didn't have it rodded out or anything. I bought a new four-core and the cooling is much improved, temps are very stable now. Not sure if the F rad is too small for 2F, or just didn't flow air/cooland as well, or was just old and crusty. It did hold less coolant than the '77 radiator.


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Nov 24, 2004
Heart of Dixie
Based on how technology evolves I would say he's full of s***. Yeah, it's worth more because it was once owned by someone famous too I supose. Automotive radiators function by transfering heat from the fin to the air. This is why you see 16, 18, 20 fins per inch on later model cars and the fins are louvered to provide additional ability to transfer their heat to the air traveling over them. How many new cars do you see with 8, 10, 12 FPI? This guy's either a moron or embellishing what he is offfering for sale. $32.50 to ship? It's not worth that at the recycler.


Mar 14, 2002
Mooresville, NC
The older radiators sure seem much beefier. My 67 never hits above 160, even on the highway with 34's. My friends 64 with 38's runs at the same temp.

Seem pretty efficient. Are the newer raditors the same core count?
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