Early Man-A-Fre U-bolt flip kit instructions?

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Sep 5, 2008
Lebanon, Oregon
The P/O of my 1969 FJ40 installed a U-bolt flip kit from Man-A-Fre for both the front and rear axle. The receipt's date is 6/15/01. Neither the front or the rear have any shock mounts like the new ones do. Not sure when they changed. Problem is I think he screw up the install. My U-bolts go around the axle not in front and behind the axle like the picture on there web site shows. I do not have original instructions so any help would be appreciated! I broke one U-bolt putting it back on after I painted the axle. It was bent around the axle. Thanks. Mark
Hi All:

Yeah, I think those bottom plates need to be rotated 90* with the tab pointing inboard. You could probably put a lower shock mount on that tab coming off the lower u-bolt plate.


Yes those are mounted incorrectly, they need to be rotated 90 degrees. I have the newer kit on my 40 and my parents on their 55, I dont know how the PO even got them on that way, as ours wouldn't even fit around the axle in that position. As for the shock mounts, I can't help you, we have the newer kits with the studs already welded on.
I am fine with the shocks where they are. I was just describing the flip kit I have as opposed to a newer one. I will spin the flip kit 90 degrees and hopefully be on the road soon!! :cheers:
agreed flip them, in your pics you can see gaps between the sides of the springs wer the bolts are. should be no gap and things tight

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