Early June (Moab/RimRocker/SE Utah) Trip - Need Recs

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Nov 18, 2020

Taking my soon to be 13 year old son on a week+ trip to Utah+ roughly June 3-11. We have to be back to Summit county in CO on June 12th PM for an extended family trip to start.

I have a ‘97 80 series w/SC (like I needed worse MPG), been modifying it for the past year. ARB front, 4x4labs rear, Coastal sliders (may not be installed in time for trip….mentioning for trail considerations), Prinsu roof rack, Cooper ST Maxx 33s, OME Heavy lift, and baselined everything mechanically that was in need. Was a clean truck already from Georgia when I got her. Did the Champion Mill and other close runs around Buena Vista CO with no issues in September 2021.

Plan: Rolling out from Omaha to SLC through Laramie June 1-2. Have an Escapod on rental from June 3-11.
I wanted to get feedback on my rig, and if below is doable from those veterans out there time wise.

Day 1: Get Escapod and head down towards Moab/Arches/Canyonlands (Camp where?)
Day 2: Continue in Arches/Canyonlands (Camp where?)
Day 3: Finish Arches/Canyonlands and head down towards Monument Valley/Mexican Hat (camp where?)
Day 4: Check out 4 corners and head NE towards Durango (camp where?)
Day 5: Leave Durango area and visit Ouray/Telluride on way to Montrose (camp where?)
Day 6: Start Rimrocker Trail out of Montrose, camp at Buckeye Reservoir Area
Day 7: Continue Rimrocker Trail and finish or camp towards Moab end off trail
Day 8. Explore Moab (need suggestions once Rimrocker done) (camp where?)
Day 9. Back to return Escapod and head to CO

I’m trying to extend my Escapod rental to June 4, if that happens I’d want to do 2 days/nights on Moab trails and would need recs to camp.

Is this too much? Not enough? Doable? What would YOU do if you wanted to explore that area and have the escapod in tow? :).


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Personally, I think it is way too much. I would at least cut the places you are trying to go in half and try to keep the them fairly close to each other. All of the places you mentioned are fantastic (I have not been to Rimrocker). You could easily spend days in any of the single areas you mentioned.

The area around Ouray and Telliride is sensational, early June can be too early to go off road on a lot of the higher Colorado trails. I would call and find out about trail conditions before going there. Ouray is one of my favourite places. You could spend a week there in July alone.

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