early Hood $35

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Jan 21, 2006
Washington State
United States
Here's a early fj40 hood ,this is a used part,great for any trail rig it has the factory chrome trim still. Comes with hood rod inside and side hood and windshield latches .. $35 Save some cash with a little work you have a nice hood! Dave at Rockntag@msn.com If you want it please pay. Thanks SOLDDDDDDDDDD
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I am interested, any dents or pitting rust, I am not worried about surface rust
good price, I think I sold a chrome strip for $25 last year.
Ya, pretty awsome deal! almost wish my hood was rusted out ;)

or in other words... bump
Can you email me at tankerm1a1@msn.com, send me your number and we can meet to look at it, If it is as good as it looks I will take it.
Can I get a shipping quote to 83301 commercial dock.

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