Early ('67) Steering Center Arm Adjustment (1 Viewer)

May 24, 2016
Bainbridge Island, Washington
Can't believe I didn't rebuild the arm when I had the entire truck in pieces two years ago, but it seemed to have no slop in it. Now, after 2000 miles, I've noticed excessive grease, then excessive play and so I rebuilt using the SOR kit- thanks, whoever it was, who suggested trimming the lower thick felt pad a bit smaller, as it never would've fit in my opinion. And the O-ring seemed a bit bigger than the opening, but I squeezed it in there under the felt anyway (or technically, above the lower felt).

Got it back together and the steering feels tight- so what's the rule of thumb for adjustment of that bottom nut?


May 3, 2009
Haven't done one of the old ones in decades. I think there are torque specs but usually just tight enough to be well seated and then pin it. Hope someone smarter will chime in.

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