early 40 door seals

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Oct 12, 2008
im restoring the doors on a 1970 40, but in Aus i cant find anyone who supplies seal kits. i want every seal and rubber in the door as the ones i have are in bad shape.

Are there any suppliers in the states (or Oz that i dont know about) who sell them? if not what have other guys done?
All parts for the later model doors are available at the dealer. Have you looked there?
ok so for all you aussies with early doors, they are available through rare spares. the prices vary depending on stock, but basically im paying;
bailey channel: $25ea
window seals: $50 per side
door seals: $70ea
qtr seals $60ea
this brings the total to $410AUS, im going to see what can be done about something else for the door seals as theyre 140 alone. any suggestions?
theyre after market. i have bought the bailey seals, the factory ones were a sort of furry material and square cut, the ones i bought are rubber and a completely different design. i havnt tested the fit as the frames are getting sandblasted, but they look quite good, although on the packet it says they also fit escorts, sigmas and some other oldies. have to cut the corners myself. the window seals look identical, but instead of a chrome backing for the inner one, it is plastic.

vk7ybi, if your rig has standard doors for the 78, you wont need the same seals. look on ebay, theres an aussie shop called roodogs who does seal kits for 1974/75+ doors for around 70 bucks.

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