Wanted Early 4-Runner (pre 95) electrical connector needed...

Mar 27, 2003
Early 4-Runner (2nd Gen) electrical connector needed...

Looking for someone who is parting out a (wrecked or otherwise) 2nd generation (1990-95) 4-Runner. The particular truck I'm referring to had an auxiliary cooling fan mounted on the front PS of the radiator (between the radiator and the grille).

The specific connector is the female half (harness side) 2 pin, wide-spaced (flat blade type) that the fan plugs in to. It appears to be unique to this application. Don't know if the 1st gen trucks used this set up or not, but the 90-95s did. Connector is no longer serviced by/available from Toyota.

If you've got one of these critters... I'd sure like to hear from you. Please send PM.

Thanks !

Cheers, Ron
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Jun 3, 2003
Plano Texas
I also need one of these for my aux condensor fan on the 80. So if anyone has a second one of these, please PM me. Thanks!

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