Eagle Mountain Signs

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Jun 6, 2003
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
Eagle Mountain Signs

You may notice 3 new signs on Eagle Mountain explaining some boundaries and what you can and cant do.

I would like to offer a bit of background as to why these signs are there and how they came about. In 2010, 4 wheelers won a near 10 year long battle for legitmate access to Eagle Mountain which was long a favourite local wheeling trail. This access was not easy. The parties invovled in this agreement included the golf course owners, BC Hydro Transmission, BC Parks, Metro Vancouver, Rec Sites and Trails, City of Coquitlam and the Four Wheel Drive Association of BC.

After two years of the key access program, Metro Van wanted signs to notify people of the fact that no traffic, motorized or foot, was to enter the Coquitlam watershed as this is one of three major water reservoirs for metro Vancouver. BC Parks wanted to notify people that there is no motorized activity allowed in the edge of the Indian Arm Provincial Park. Both parties were considering road improvements to provide access for heavy equipment up the trails to decommission roads that lead into the watershed and the park.

The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC working in cooperation with these 3 other parties worked out a compromise where we installed signs advising of the boundaries, what they were, and why travel was disallowed.

Please respect these boundaries so that the wheeling community can continue to be respected by these folks.

Proper thing.

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