E_Z wiring may be painless

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Jul 3, 2008
Good day folks I need some info like yesterday , has anyone used
ezwiring's 21 circuit on there 40 and if so have they come across any problems with it? I am thinking of getting it to rewire my 40 it a toss up between ez wiring and painless right now if any one has another suggestion plz let me know
Ive done painless,It can be a PO but of you take your time and have the old harness side by each it all comes together .Remember your grounds TLCs love them especially your inst cluster and by your fuse box.
Do a search for 'wiring harness', 'painless', or 'e-z'......you'll find lots of info
I'm using the American Autowire harness. So far so good. But I've bought a different turnsignal/hazard switch to replace the stock one and I'm using the headlight switch that comes in the kit.

Things are broken into steps by different baggies. Makes it a little easier I think. But I wish they'd used ziplock bags. Or that I had. I've opened some to check out what the next step will be and then the connectors have gotten mixed up when I didn't immediately rebag.
Had a painless partially installed in mine. The only switch I didn't use was the headlight switch since it was burned up. As a previous poster said. Take your time and be mindful of your grounds. Try and get a wiring diagram/schematic so you can use all of your switches.
I used EZ on my 45.

Any questions i had, i just called them up and the guy i was dealing with had the right answer every time.
i also use the EZ with no issues. all wires are labled and its easy to install. just take your time
I used EZ on my 45.

Any questions i had, i just called them up and the guy i was dealing with had the right answer every time.

Me to, even my bonehead questions. :doh: Good product.
I just finished installing the 12 circuit from EZ wire. It went in fairly smooth and I am an extreme rookie at that sort of thing. I found a wiring diagram online, had a local print shop blow it up and then laminate it. I also printed of the Painless instructions and used those in conjuction with those sent from EZ wire. The painless instructions are more detailed and have specific cruiser info in them.

The 12 wire had more than enough wire to run the basics for a 40. I guess if your doing fuel injection and a/c the 21 circuit would maybe be more appropriate.

I am currently installing the 21 circuit on my '78. My only suggestion is that unless you absolutely need all 21 circuits, slim down to the 14 or somewhere around there. I'm looking for a place to hide all these power window and door lock wires. Great product, I just took the phrase "go big or go home" too far.
The PO of my cruiser used a painless in my cruiser. He did a poor job, and I am still trying to chase down problems.
If I were to do it, I would look into a kit from Ron Francis Wiring. Everything I have ever bought from them has been 5 star quality. They also seem happy to help with all of my questions.

good luck
My 40 came with an unassembled strung out painless harness sort of thrown at it...Nothing hooked up - just sort of laid in there....After I downloaded the instruction manual it was easy as pie....All the wires have an ID # as well as an arrow pointing to a description of what they go too.....If you can read you can put it in.....
Now when I'm driving - I touch those blinkers or grab the light switch and they work like the day they were new.....

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