E-brake rebuild


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Mar 27, 2003
Groveland MA
There has been several post concerning problems with the e-brakes. As I rebuilt mine a few months ago I thought I'd post what I needed to replace for that rebuild.

2 bellcranks (1-Lt, 1Rt)
2 bellcrank mount (1-Lt, 1Rt)
2 parking brake cable #2s
2 stop bolts
2 stop bolt nuts
2 sets shoes

and associated pins and clips. A set at the bellcrank/mount pivot point and at the parking brake cable #2 and bellcrank attachment point.

What I found was that the bellcrank had seized in the mount which would hold the e-brake on. A similar situation at the cable/bell crank resuslted in a week brake. Since this point couldn't pivot the pulling force wasn't derectly applied to the brasking arm and resulted in a week e-brake.

I used alot of white lithium at both pivot points in hopes of getting some mileage out of this fix.

Sorry no part numbers, me and paperwork don't get along.

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