e-brake cable

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Feb 27, 2003
I am trying to help a friend who put a chevy 350 & turbo 350 tranny in a '77 fj40. He adapted the stock transfer case and one problem we have is the e-brake cable is 6" to short! Anyone know a good source for longer cables, or am I going to have to hack this!
That's weird cause my '68 FJ40 with a TH400 has the stock cable and it fits great.
Does yours use the pull and twist type linkage that mounts under the dash? Mine is like that and that end of the cable has a bulkhead fitting that bolts to the firewall with an eye for the linkage.
It was a bear to hook up after I had had it all apart for years and it seemed like the cable was too short. But after a six pack or so it finally fit.
I got mine at Mudrak Custom Cruisers (707) 996-5272. My e-brake sits where the round chassis crossmember used to be after an NV4500/split case conversion.

There is just no way the stock cable will fit, figures, we have 3 of them. This adapter from the th350 to landcrusier transfer was obtained several years ago and is a bit long.The rear driveshaft is only about a foot long! Thanks for the info!

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