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Yeah, quick shipping. Given his feedback you're pretty safe.

On a side note, why the small truck rams horns? Most people use the corvettes which can be found for about 10-20 a piece used and 50 a piece new with bigger 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 outlets.
I used them back in 2006 for a (dare I say it) Jeep EM. Good product...best deal I found at the time. I would use them again if I needed to.
Used ones that I can't touch and feel for $65 scare me. I searched the forums here and several people said to be careful with used ones.
Only issues are with cracking which can be hit or miss with buying used online, I had good luck with what I bought for my '63. If you want new get ones for a 70's 'vette or go with speedway's version with 2 1/2" outlets for 54 a piece. Or do you specifically want the angled 2" outlet?
I am not stuck with the ones i found but looking for ones for my SBC SAG p/s conversion. Locally I can get the dorman for corvette for $130 a piece.
Looking at them both it seems on the corvette the pipe would hang down in the axle area and the P/U would place the cross pipe farther back. And feedback on this area? On a daily driver do I need the 2.5?
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