dvd bypass question, re: brake wire

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Mar 2, 2009
i know this is a subject that has been discussed in the past and is something in the sticky and is something not endorsed by mud, but i've still got a question for those who have done it successfully on a pre '03.

directions for speed sensor wire were very clear. got my dash apart. found the wires. clipped the speed sensor wire which was the only violet wire with no stripe. it was located in the non-white connector, 2nd away from driver, on top. this wire worked as i can put it in gear and the system works.

parking brake wire is not so clear to me which is where i'm asking for some assistance as i may have grounded the wrong wire. the only clearly red/white striped wire that I spotted was the one in the furthest connector from the driver on top. I grounded it and the player screen still turns off on me when letting the brake down. so i figure this is not the correct wire even though everything still works as if i hadn't clipped any wires at all.

i double checked my crimps as i added a few inches of 18ga wire with a butt connector and a looped/eyelet end. tried grounding it do the metal around the unit itself as well as the metal in the dash that the 4 screws mount to. neither seemed to work, so i'm figuring it's the wrong wire. i have no problem reattaching it if it's the wrong one.

there is a wire that could be red/white and is in the same non-white connector as the violet wire was, but it doesn't look as red/white to me. is this the correct wire?

again, sorry for the repeat on this subject, but i searched first and couldn't find my answer.
I have an 03 and seem to remember that the colors do not match 100%. The guide called for snipping a certain color wire but the real color was quite a bit different though in the same tonal range. Think brown vs. red or yellow vs. orange. I hope you find it.
got it figured out. was the red/white wire in the SAME connector as the violet one (gray connector). i'm an idiot. had to splice the wrong one back together, no biggie.
Does doing whatever you did to the wires for the parking brake also let you program the nav while moving (without having to do the hack dance every time) or does it just let you watch DVDs?
from my observation, i am only allowed to watch a dvd. i cannot enter an address, which sucks because that was my reason for doing this mod. the "enter address" option in the destination menu is faded over and cannot be selected. i dunno what's up with that. i have not yet tried entering the override code for fear of locking up the unit.
There is a kit available that overides the "I agree" screen from startup and allows full use of the navigation controls while in motion. I can't recall who makes it but I will do a little research and post the company's name if I find it.
The company is Coastal E Tech. It also opens up all the bluetooth features while in motion.

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