Dust leaking in from rear sliding window or ??

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Jun 17, 2005
After several hundred miles of dirt roads over the last few weeks, I've got a tremendous amount of dust in the rear cargo area. Some looks like it came around the tailgate gasket, but the rear sliding windows had a lot of dust on the inside of them as well (they were closed and latched). Any way to "seal" these up? Or other places to look for dust entry? I also noticed the jack/toolkit was covered pretty heavily. Does this come up from some drain holes?
If you pop the vents off from behind the sliding windows on the exterior, you will see a nifty little one-way rubber flapper vent. The vents allow air to escape from the cabin by flapping out. When the pressure inside and outside is the same, the flaps fall down and should close off. If you have a couple that are sticking open or that are broken off from 10+ years of flapping, air/water/dust/exhaust fumes/dust mites/alien larvae/etc. could come in through the hole.
If you look at the gasket at the rear of the side windows you may have a gap mid way up. Over the years these gaskets start to shrink and opens up a gap. I drives side has a gap about 1/4" and my passanger side is about 1/16". The replacement gasket is $$$$. A while ago there was enough interest the C Dan cut one up and sold it by the inch so people could seal it up with a small piece.
Also maybe check to see if your tailgate is bent - it can cause a misalignment of the rubber allowing dust in (exhaust too of course).

Someone else here suggested keeping the cabin fan on fresh air in dusty areas to keep the cabin "pressurized" (versus keeping it on recirculate which creates a minor vacuum in the cabin, pulling dust in through the cracks).
If you want to close the gap in the gasket all you have to do is pull out a bit at each end, gently strecth it back to original length, and put it back in with a bit of adhesive to glue the ends back together.
C6H12O6 said:
If you pop the vents off from behind the sliding windows on the exterior, you will see a nifty little one-way rubber flapper vent.

Is there a trick to popping the vents off? I haven't tried yet but I tend to break stuff so I'm curious.
There are two push-in mounting tabs like on the interior panels at the top and a knurled stud on the bottom that it pushes into. I noticed that the plastic around the knurled stud is broken on mine, probably why it rattled around so much. The rubber gasket around the louvered vent cover is also toast and the body shop attached the gasket to the plastic piece with black electrician's tape. Bastards.

I'm waiting until I have a decent order to look into a new one from Dan. Any guesses on price? Does the gasket come separately? I'm sure it is expensive, so I'd be really careful taking it off.

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