For Sale Durango, CO ARB roller top drawers RDRF1045 (x2) with 80 series fit kit (1 Viewer)


Mar 25, 2012
Durango, CO
These were probably my favorite mod on my 80. They allowed me to store all my tools, recovery gear and anything else I wanted to keep handy but still keep the cargo area nice and tidy. They also increased the effective surface area of the cargo area since the fit kit makes everything one flat surface over the wheel wells. With the 2nd row seats folded down and an air mattress they also make a great sleeping platform.

These have always been kept clean and dry and anytime my dogs were in the 80 I always used drop cloths to keep the drawers clean.

If I were to order these from Slee today, they would cost me right at $2400 (948+948+127+200 freight + 8% tax).

$2000 for the 2 drawers and fit kit, or $1900 for the 2 drawers in case you want to put these in something else and don't want the fit kit. I can put them on a pallet but will not arrange freight. I can meet you within a reasonable distance of Durango or if you're on my route of any upcoming trips.

I don't want to sell them as the price will likely continue to go up, but I won't be resurrecting my 80 for at least another year or two and don't want to store them and could use the money for another project. If I can't get this price for them then I'll just continue to store them.

I borrowed an image from another post to show how the setup looks as I can't seem to find any photos of them installed. I am happy to provide any photos requested showing their current condition.


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